Accounts Receivable

Financing Receivables: Flexible Financing You Can Access Fast

Finding the right assets to finance is a matter of knowing your own business cycle and your immediate needs. If you have outstanding accounts waiting for payment and you don’t currently use accounts receivable financing to help when you need access to working capital for your business, it’s time to start thinking about what this powerful financial resource can do for you.

How Receivables Financing Works

Your unpaid accounts serve as the basis for the advance, so W. Reynolds Commercial Capital associates will review the credit and payment history of your customers when they review your accounts. This helps predict the likely payment window, which affects the size of the advance made available. After you receive your money, we collect payment, sending you the remainder after we deduct the amount of the advance and our fees.

Benefits of Financing Receivables

  • Improved cash flow through your business
  • Reusable as you have new accounts to finance
  • Predictable fee structure you can work into estimates
  • Streamline your accounts department and focus on your core business
  • No loss of equity or additional long-term debt
  • Payment insurance on customers at no additional cost to you

For more information about factoring advances, contact us today. Our associates are ready to answer questions and help with applications during regular business hours.