Small Business Loan

W. Reynolds Commercial Capital is an SBA Preferred Lender

You probably already know that the Small Business Administration provides loans that are integral to the growth outcomes of many small businesses. What you might not realize is that the program’s reputedly long wait times are now moderated by a team of preferred lenders trusted to make their own approvals. W. Reynolds Commercial Capital is one such lender, which means we can help you get the funding you need by more efficiently processing your SBA loan applications.

Small business loan packages through the now-famous 7a and 504 programs allow companies to provide jobs in their communities, and the government’s guarantee of the loans allows lenders to provide favorable terms they might not be able to afford otherwise. The result is one of the most flexible and longest-lasting levers of economic growth in the country. If you are looking to participate in these loan programs, here’s what they can do.

Commercial Real Estate

If you are buying a building or property for your company’s facilities, you can get funding for up to $15 million if your business qualifies under the program’s requirements. This can be used to fund practically any building purchase, but your company does have to occupy most of the floor space—up to 60 percent of it, actually, if the building is new construction. Qualifying building types include:

  • Restaurants
  • Auto repair shops
  • Storefronts
  • Office buildings
  • Warehouse and industrial space
  • Dealerships

Equipment Loans

Funding your equipment purchase gets easier with SBA loans too. The program allows for loans with terms up to 25 years and low interest rates so that companies can invest in the core equipment that will form the backbone of the business they conduct for years to come, while managing the monthly overhead by taking on a long-term loan.

Acquisition Loans

If you are buying an existing business with an income under $1.25 million annually, small business loan coverage of your acquisition is possible. Contact us for more details or to start an application.