Merchant Services

Stop Paying So Much for Credit Card Processing

Most businesses receive a large part of their revenue from credit card transactions. However, approximately 90% of business owners are paying unnecessary fees for merchant credit card processing services. W. Reynolds Commercial Capital offers merchant services which can help businesses save up to 40% off their existing credit card processing fees. Our program provides wholesale processing rates to our clients so they can save money and retain more revenue from credit card sales.

Personal Care and Support

At W. Reynolds Commercial Capital, we know the frustration of dealing with automated helpdesk systems, especially when most questions do not fit into their limited menus. When you sign up for our merchant services, you will be assigned a specialist who will help you with all your processing needs and questions. We prefer to do business with people instead of faceless merchant numbers.

Making the Switch is Easy

We understand how important merchant services are, which is why we ensure a fast and easy transition to minimize any lag in processing. Making the switch to our merchant processing services takes no more than 20 minutes of your time.

Get Started Today

Start saving money on your merchant credit card processing services and contact W. Reynolds Commercial Capital today! All you need is your most recent and complete merchant statement for a free, no obligation savings analysis