Purchase Order financing

Work on Large Orders With Ease—Try Purchase Order Financing

When you have customers who place large or unexpected orders, you never want to turn them down, because refusing an order can have long-term repercussions for a business and large orders tend to be money-makers. At the same time, though, those orders can require resources you don’t have on hand right now. When that happens, purchase order financing provides you with a great way to manage your cash flow while still accepting those orders.

How Financing Your Purchase Orders Works

When you apply, our associates review your purchase orders and other client information, since it’s the client’s likely time to pay you that is in question. This lets them determine a percentage of the account orders to approve as a cash advance. When payment comes in, W. Reynolds Commercial Capital associates take our fees and the advance back out before forwarding you the remainder.

Benefits of Financing Your Purchase Orders

  • Reusable—finance new orders as needed
  • Never turn down an order
  • No loss of equity or long-term debt
  • Access your money now to secure the goods your customers need
  • Streamline your cash flow and accounts receivable

For more information about the W. Reynolds Commercial Capital purchase order financing program, contact us today. Associates can help with applications, answer questions, and help you make your decision about the best asset financing for your company.