How to Use Your Customers as a Way to Financing Your Business

Your customers are the lifeblood of your business. Without them, you wouldn’t be a success. That’s why it makes sense to use them to help your business succeed by figuring out how to leverage their spending to finance your business. If you’ve never thought of this method before, here is how you can use it to be a success. 

Use them to Test 

Using your customers to test out new products and services is a great way to help with financing your business. In exchange for paying to use your products or services, you in turn can get feedback on your offerings to fine tune them and provide a better overall product in the future. Doing this not only helps get customer buy-in for your products and services, but it also helps build trust and offer great customer service as you make them feel special because they were some of the first people to try out new products and services. Customers like the feeling of exclusivity and the more you include them in decision making, the more likely they’ll be to purchase your products and service in the future. 


Another way to get customers to fund your business is to offer your products or services for a consulting fee. People will pay for expert advice and if you’re an industry expert, they’ll be willing to take your advice into consideration when you act as a consultant. It also makes them feel heard and special because you’re spending time one-on-one with them, which also increases customer loyalty and can help boost your bottom line. 

Use Contracts

If your business provides a long-term service, offer your customers annual contracts that require up-front funding to execute. This can help keep your business going and fund its operations while providing your customers with the service they need. Not only does this help ensure you have a steady, predictable cash flow, it can help build long-standing customer relationships. 

Leveraging your customers to help fund your business doesn’t have to be difficult. With some creative thought and honest conversations with your customers, it can be easily accomplished. 

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